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Fluffy Beverly Bling Steering Wheel Cover


Size:For 38CM/15 Inch Diameter Steering Wheel
Material: Microfiber Plush, Rhinestone, Rubber inner ring
Color: black, red, pink, gray
Type: O Shape/D Shape
Shipping: Free Shipping

Package Includes:
1*Steering Wheel Cover


1.What are the dimensions of this item?
This cover is for 15 inches/38cm diameter of steering wheel
2. Do the rhinestones easy to fall?
No, the rhinestones inlaid inside, very firm, not easy to fall off
3.Will this fit a d shapes steering wheel?
Yes, it has two types, O TYPE is for O shape steering wheel, D TYPE is for D shape steering wheel. The cover size is 15 inches/38cm
4.Is this item easy to install?
Yes. If it is difficult to put it on at the first time because it has a kind of hard rubber coating inside, you can heat it a little under the sun to soften the rubber then put it while it's warm. It's easier to stretch it a little.
5.Is the item durable?
Yes, with fine and thick plush, excellent workmanship


The cover protecting your vehicle's steering wheel from fading and cracking. And improve the appearance of old or dirty steering wheels and also protects your hands from cold extremes.

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